Saturday, November 7, 2009

Purpose for the blog

In my opinion, this blog is not just to share the goings-on in my life with everyone. I feel that part of what God has charged me with is to help others grow and develop as Christians by sharing what He has been doing in my life, the lessons He has been teaching me through the things that happen to me. So when I share an event, or just vent, I will include the things that I think God is showing me with those things. I also intend to read my Bible a lot more; as I do, I plan to share what I'm reading and what insights God is giving me. Caveat: in these cases, what I will be sharing is not the meaning, it will just be my personal insights.

There will be things I will not share, but you won't know what they are, because I won't share them! :-)

Please enjoy my ramblings, and I hope that my readers will gain some benefit from my experiences and thoughts.

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