Friday, May 28, 2010

The job

God works in very unexpected ways. My job has been changing for some months, but what it has been moving toward has still been a bit up in the air. Then Monday morning, my boss came to talk to me. I'd had a bit of warning from a co-worker in another department, but nothing concrete and certainly not something I was expecting to hear about anytime soon. Anyway, he essentially told me that he and the sales manager had been talking, and decided that my job needed to be split into two positions.

I do a lot of document support for Sales, even though I'm in Engineering. Originally, my boss thought we'd be able to make my position kind of a company-wide document support position. As things have gone one, he and the head of Sales have realized that Sales needs more direct support and that we needed someone to provide support and oversight to Production. So, long story short (too late), my job needed to be split.

My boss said that they'd like some input from me; they wanted to know which position I thought I'd be best in. It was at that point I texted some of you to ask for wisdom and clarity. After that, I went and talked to the head of Sales and the other guy I'd be working with very closely. As I learned more about what they were envisioning for this position, I began to become very interested in the possibilities it presented. I did pray about it, and sought the advice of my wife, who the decision affected the most.

The end result: I'll be moving to Sales, in a position that I will have a hand in defining. I expect to be doing things that fit well with my talents and the things I like to do. It was also nice to know that my boss will miss having me in his department; I will be "leaving a hole" as he put it. We are just waiting on hiring someone to take over the position I'll be vacating and a couple of other minor things (like sorting out the financial end). Hopefully I'll be transitioned in a couple of weeks, but I'm kind of expecting a month or two.

I'm excited. I'm a little nervous. I'm anticipating growing with a new position in a new department. I'm grateful to God for constantly surprising me. And I'm grateful to each of you who prayed for me in this situation. Woohoo!

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